Concealed Weapons Certification

We provide you the training and certification with a firearm, which meets the requirments to apply for a virginia state resident and non resident concealed weapons permit (CWP). Use the permit to conceal carry in over half the country! Click below to begin!

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Online Certification In 45 Minutes

From the comfort of your home,, we will guide you through all the required steps, completing our FREE 30 minute training course. You will pass our FREE 10 question test, once completed you will be able to download your certification of completion instantly, allowing you to apply with Virginia for Non-Resident or Resident Concealed Permit. 


How Does It Work?

The state of Virginia does not require a qualification shot to receive your handgun permit. In addition Virginia allows you to complete the training online. This allows us to offer you the ability to complete our online training and receive your certificate of completion to apply for your Concealed Permit.  Virginia's Concealed weapons permit will allow you to carry in reciprocating states. 


Reciprocating States

Instant Download

Take our 30 minute course, succesfully complete the course and instantly download your certificate of completion. We will email you a copy of the certificate along with providing you the ability to instantly download a copy. Provide your family with peace of mind and complete the online course today.


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